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Industrial Dwellings Society (1885) Ltd (The)
London based Housing Association with particular expertise in the provision of housing for the Jewish community.
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A national charity helping older people on low incomes to remain independent by providing regular financial help and friendship; grants for emergencies; nursing care and help with fees.
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INVOLVE Voluntary Action in Mid Devon
Mid Devon Council for Voluntary Service & Volunteer Centre Tiverton & Cullompton
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Institute of Cultural Affairs
The Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) is global network of private, non-profit, non-governmental organisations 'concerned with the human factor in world development'
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Inspirability was formed to help to improve the quality of life for people with those having physical, visual, sensory and learning impairments, including those experiencing chronic pain.
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International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications, INASP
Working through networks of partners, we aim to strengthen the ability of people in developing and transitional countries to access and contribute information, ideas and knowledge
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International China Concern
ICC provides care, therapy and education to abandoned children in China.
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Intergenerational Foundation - Fairness for Future Generations
The Intergenerational Foundation (IF) has been established to research fairness between current and future generations in the UK.
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The Institute of Art and Ideas
The Institute of Art and Ideas (IaI) is committed to fostering a progressive and vibrant intellectual culture in the UK.
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