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Adventure Service Challenge (ASC)Aa to AdASC is a flexible, organised, progressive scheme of activity for young people aged 8 to 14+.
ADAPT - All Dependent & Pre Term BabiesAa to AdSupport for parents and families who have premature, sick or disabled babies needing specialist neonatal care
Adele's memorial fundAa to AdHelping children and young people with cancer in the North East of england
ACTION RELAXATION ADVENTURE LTD.Aa to AdA registered charity and limited company with the broad aim of assisting those who are disabled or have special needs.
Foster a childAa to AdAction for Children supports and speaks out for the most vulnerable and neglected children and young people in the UK
Arts Development East CambridgeshireAa to AdADeC (provides a stimulating programme of arts events, runs the Babylon Gallery and Ely Cinema and also provides financial support and advice to other art groups in East Cambridgeshire.
A Breath for Life Hyperbaric Oxygen CentreAa to AdA Breath for Life seeks to provide natural treatments for sick and injured children and adults.
Donot have web siteAa to Ad"Levin ministries" Evangelism,church planting & social works.
A wide range of support functions.Aa to AdA wide range of support functions to help young people in a variety of ways with a wide variety of needs.
Acton (Middlesex) CharitiesAa to AdThe Acton (Middlesex) Charities operate in two areas: people in need, and those requiring grants for education. Only those living in Acton, West London, are eligible.
Action Factory Community ArtsAa to Ad Action Factory Community Arts works with people, using participative arts, to encourage them to become active partners in cultural and creative activity and build confident, unified communities.
Your Charity NameAa to AdThe short description of your charity. This wil appear on the main browse pages.
Children’s CharityAa to AdThrough ActionAid you can sponsor a child. Your sponsorship can help end a child's hunger, put them in school or provide them with clothes.
Aid To AfricaAe to AmAid to Africa helps raise funds in the United Kingdom for Charities who provide assistance to street children and other disadvantaged people in Africa
Aik Saath - Together As OneAe to AmAik Saath meaning together as one, is dedicated to the promotion of peace and racial harmony through the teaching of conflict resolution skills.
AMAZEAe to AmSupporting parents of children with special needs in Brighton & Hove
ALD Family Support TrustAe to AmThe Trust support ALD Children and their families, raise awareness of the life threatening disease Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD)
ALD LifeAe to AmA charity for sufferers of the terminal and devastating brain disorder, adrenoleukodystrophy, which mainly affects apparently healthy young boys.
Alive and Kicking UKAe to AmWe make repairable, hand-stitched leather footballs, netballs and volleyballs in disadvantaged areas in Kenya. All balls carry HIV messages and are accompanied by preventive health education materials
AlcohelpAe to AmScience based alcohol awareness programme for primary school children
African Children's Educational Trust (A-CET)Ae to AmSmall professionally run independent charity supporting the long-term educational support of vulnerable young Africans and schools.
African Scholars' Fund (UK)Ae to AmFor the provision of bursary support to school children in South Africa to enable them to complete their studies.
APEX CHARITABLE TRUST LTDAn to AqThe Apex Trust.."Promoting Employment Opportunities for Ex-Offenders".
AAIWWA (Arcot Annai Indiraa Women's Welfare AssociationAn to AqOrganisation is a non profitable voluntary organisation working for women development, health and education.
ATD Fourth WorldAn to AqWorking with families living in poverty to support their right to live together with dignity.