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Your Charity NameAa to AdThe short description of your charity. This wil appear on the main browse pages.
Big Fish Street Band &Theatre GroupBe to BmStreet Theatre, Band, arts Workshops carnivals & heritage festivals
Charity Technology TrustCe to CmCharity Technology Trust with the aim of helping charities improve their use of Information Technology.
Charity Vouchers are a perfect gift for Christmas, Birthdays etc for charitably minded people. Ce to CmAnglia Giving was established in 2002. Although not a charity we are a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and a member of the UK's National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)
Coral Cay Conservation Charitable TrustCn to CqA charity providing resources to help sustain livelihoods and alleviate poverty through the protection, restoration and management of coral reefs and tropical forests.
Faversham Website TrustFa to FdThe Faversham Website Trust runs the Faversham Website
The Greater World Christian Spiritualist AssociationGr to GtChristian Spiritualism offers a philosophy which reveals to the followers of Christ a greater understanding of the reason for life and a deeper and abiding relationship with Him.
The Mairne Conservation SocietyMa to MdMarine COnservation Society is the UK's only charity dedicated to protecting our beautiful shores, seas and all teh wonderful wildlife that inhabit them.
Lewes Youth Action Millennium VolunteersMe to MmWorking with 16 - 24 year old to find them volunteering opportunities and give them accreditation for the volunteering that they do.
Media TrustMe to MmMedia Trust works in partnership with the media industry to support the voluntary sector's communication needs.
Our Future Planet. Become a Citizen and design your future. Ou to OzOur Future Planet is a new website and online community (YouTopia) for anyone who wants to design and create a future that does not merely follow on from the ways of the past.
PHOENIX TRUSTPe to PmGives grants to a wide range of charitable activities across the UK. Applications welcome in writing to the trustees via post only.
Request for my studiesRe to RmHelp me for my higher studies. I completed diploma in marine engineering.
RYA Sailability Making disability plain sailingRu to RzRYA Sailability is the leading UK charity for disbaled sailing. Developing and increasing opportunties for disabled people to participate in sailing.
Sidmouth LifeboatSe to SmSidmouth Lifeboat runs an independent lifeboat responsible for safety at sea and along the shoreline of East Devon.
1st Annual International Bhangra Competition 2006 , Munich , Germany on 8th April 2006Su to SzThis is a Charity non profitable fund rasing event in munich , Germany.
we doing a one international bhangra dance competition in munic germanySu to Szwe doing a one international bhangra dance competition in munic germany on 8th april 2006 . if any one want be participate can mail me at or