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About us
The Prostate Cancer Research Foundation was founded as The Prostate Cancer Charitable Trust in 1991 by Clive Bourne, himself a prostate cancer sufferer. He realised that, at this time there was virtually no organised research on either a national or international level into this disease, and to remedy this, he formed the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation. The aim of the Foundation is to promote research into the causes of prostate cancer, particularly by linking together scientists and clinicians in all relevant fields throughout the world at biennial forum.
The first forum was held at Cambridge University in 1994, and subsequent forums have been held every other year since, at various international venues. The next will be held in June 2006 at The Royal Marsden Hospital and the Institute of Cancer Research, London UK.

What we do
The Foundation has a volunteer scientific and clinical advisory committee with the two-fold purpose of supervising the existing research projects, and evaluating new, worthwhile projects for sponsorship. The process of awarding funding is stringent and involves peer review of grant applications.

Working in conjunction with other cancer charities, the Foundation was among the first sponsors of investigations, led by The Institute of Cancer Research, which in 2003 resulted in the isolation of the first high-risk prostate cancer gene.

Our aims
To fund the best independent worldwide research into the cause or causes of prostate cancer
To fund research that offers better outcomes to men that are diagnosed with prostate cancer
To enable all prostate cancer specialists to share information on a regular basis

Why we need support
Prostate cancer is currently the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men, and the second biggest killer of men in the UK.
30,000 men are diagnosed each year, with over 10,000 deaths each year (equating to 1 death per hour).
The lifetime risk for being diagnosed with prostate cancer is 1 in 10.
The number of cases diagnosed has been rising steadily over the last five years, and unless we act now, it will continue to rise.

Prostate cancer affects almost as many men as breast cancer affects women, yet there are far fewer organisations working towards a cure for prostate cancer.

The Prostate Cancer Research Foundation is the only organisation dedicated to funding the best independent worldwide research into this terrible disease.
In 2004 we had over 500,000 of exciting and innovative research projects waiting to be funded that we were not able to support due to lack of funds.
We are also the only organisation that organises conferences attended by interested specialists world-wide to exchange information, ideas and suggestions, and also to appraise colleagues of the latest available research.

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9 Lanark Square, Glengall Bridge
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Tel - 020 7536 6366
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