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Apex Charitable Trust seeks to help people with criminal records to obtain appropriate jobs or self-employment by providing them with the skills they need in the labour market and by working with employers to break down the barriers to their employment
Apex Trust was founded in 1965 by Neville Vincent, a retired barrister, who subsequently became Chairman of Bovis Holdings. The work of the Trust is based on the belief that:
'If an ex prisoner can be found a job, which, first provides him a reasonable standard of living for himself and his family, and second, fulfills his own idea of himself and thus engages his self respect, the responsibility of his eventual return to prison will be diminished'.
About Us: Our Operation
We have a network of specialist projects working in a range of fields, including non-statutory community resettlement and integration, prison employment, training and educational programmes, prison advocacy, employment resource projects, job creation, action research and employer-led initiatives.
The majority of the Trust's projects are multi-funded and as an independent organisation the Trust has the scope to work with a wide range of ex-offenders including both non-statutory supported ex-offenders and those under statutory supervision.
This flexibility allows us to function alongside both prison and probation whilst not being subject to the restrictions placed upon these organisations when working with the target group.
About Us: Services
The Trust offers a range of services to ex-offenders and employers to ensure a better employment relation. The services on offer include:
Information and Advice - Information on offender employment, training and education issues is provided directly, whilst projects will signpost ex-offenders to other partnership agencies for additional specialist issues.
In addition one-to-one advice, a number of projects also provide advice through group sessions.
Assessment and Guidance - Ex-offenders receive guidance tailored to their individual needs, which takes into account their offending background. This work, undertaken by the majority of projects, is delivered on a one-to-one basis.
Assessment processes, which are the key building blocks to effective guidance, address issues of risk assessment, offending history, work/education history, transferable skills and basic skill levels.
Employability Training - The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and the disclosure of offences form significant elements of our programmes, which also address issues such as job search and interview techniques. Programmes will, as appropriate, also address issues relating to surviving in a new job.
The label 'ex-offenders' encompasses a wide range of convictions held by a vast variety of people. Since 1965 Apex has been assisting people with people with criminal records to obtain appropriate jobs or self-employment. We assist employers (and agencies) in their dealings with people who have a criminal record. The vast majority of people using our services have never been to prison or been placed on probation. For many, receiving a fine or police caution was the event of their involvement with the criminal justice system. For a minority, prison or probation was the outcomes.
We provide expect advice and information, individual assessments, and practical job-hunting assistance. All provided in a confidential, unbiased and individualized manner. All of our work is dependent on service contracts/fees (e.g. from agencies and companies) or through charitable donations/sponsorship (e.g. trust, individual and companies). Ex-offender: The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 is the main legislation concerning the employment of people with a criminal record.
It sets out the basis on which people with a criminal record 'wipe the slate clean' of their conviction(s).
Provided that they have not been re-convicted for a further offence, their conviction is said to be SPENT and for the purpose of employment (with some exceptions), it can be treated as though it had never existed.
This means that if they are asked on an application form or at an interview about previous convictions, they are entitled to say 'no' to the possession of a criminal record.
Other conditions of disclosure apply, if an offender has multiple convictions.
About Us: Services
The Trust offers a range of services to ex-offenders and employers to ensure a better employment relation. The services on offer include:
Advocacy - Within many projects a primary activity is direct advocacy. This involves the selling of a job ready ex-offender to an employer with a specific vacancy to fill.
This approach has proved highly successful in increasing the number of ex-offenders gaining employment and is enhanced by the maintenance of a network of sympathetic employers and general employer awareness raising activity.
On-going support - The Trust projects seek to provide on-going support to individuals (who wish the service) during their time on a training programme or their first three months of employment.
Mentoring - Volunteers are recruited by the project or provided as part of a wider partnership to provide a network of mentoring services to ex-offenders.
Helpline for Ex-offenders: JobCheck
A criminal record can have a severe impact on an individual's ability to find employment. Basic information about rights, and advice about things such as the best way to tell a potential employer, can be hard to find. Because of this Apex Trust, have set up a National Telephone Helpline (JobCheck) to provide consistent, easily accessed information.
The helpline offers confidential advice and information to enquirers. It covers a range of issues that affect ex-offenders seeking employment, including:
When a conviction becomes spent
The Criminal Records checks
Disclosure techniques
Best practices for employing ex-offenders
Where to get training
Where to get advice and guidance
We developed Jobcheck because we receive thousands of telephone calls and letters each year from ex-offenders employment services, employers, universities and colleges requesting help and advice on ex-offender employment issues.
0870 608 4567

Open 10am - 5pm Monday - Friday
Employers: The Apex Fidelity Bond
Apex Trust in association with Lloyds of London and Marsh Limited set up this insurance policy to assist organisations that employ (or wish to employ) people with a criminal record, but find that their current insurance policy doesn't provide them with the necessary employee insurance cover.
The Apex Fidelity Bond is targeted specifically for employees with a criminal record and is underwritten by Lloyds in association with Marsh Limited and Apex Charitable Trust.
This policy can only be taken out by employers on behalf of a named employee within a specific post. The employee's conviction must be fully disclosed and not related to the position in which the policy is being undertaken.
Fidelity guarantee insurance provides an employer with insurance cover for financial loss resulting from an employee's dishonesty.
Financial loss by employers tends to be one of the major barriers to the recruitment and selection of ex-offenders into employment as the majority of insurance companies will not consider someone with a criminal record for cover, which puts employers in a difficult position.
Employers: Employee Volunteer Programme (EVP)
EVP is an innovative programme, enhancing employers' links within the community, and promoting a better understanding of the needs of people with criminal convictions.
EVP is primarily designed to increase employers' awareness of offending behaviour and encourage offenders to have the confidence to approach prospective employers to apply for jobs, after their release.
Under the guidance of Apex Trust, major employers allow members of their staff to volunteer to go into prisons to talk to inmates about employment related matters, as part of a pre-release programme.
An Apex employee recruits volunteers and arranges visits to prisons as well as assist the volunteers put together a 'session plan', which is delivered to small groups of inmates.
Publications: Online Store
Apex produces informative publications for both employers and ex-offenders. The publications aim to equip employers and ex-offenders with the legal and social details necessary for them to work together.
Work Matters gives first-hand accounts of how companies have employed ex-offenders.
It includes a five-point guide and employers' guide to the Criminal Records Certificates

Straight For Work provides practical advice to ex-offenders on disclosing
criminal convictions to employers. This popular guide has now been updated to include the 1997 Police Act.
Releasing the Potential is a useful guide to good practice for the employment of people with criminal records. Produced in association with Kingfisher, the retail group.
People Management. This special edition of the magazine focuses on the problems concerning the employment of ex-offenders with relevant case studies and advice.
Support: Donations
Gift of shares and property
A gift of shares or property, transferred direct to Apex Charitable Trust, can result in considerable tax advantages for the giver, perhaps providing a greater tax concession than is available by giving money under the Gift Aid scheme.
To discuss details, please contact the Chief Executive at Apex Charitable Trust Limited, St Alphage House - Wingate Annexe, 2 Fore Street, London EC2Y 5DA.
Banker's Order
Another way of supporting the work carried out by Apex Trust is through a banker's order for monthly, quarterly or annual payments. This provides a regular source of support.
Support: Supporting Apex Trust
Wherever possible funds are sought from a variety of sources in order to provide project stability, added value to individual funders and to maximise opportunities for ex-offenders.
Private sector funding is vital in enabling work to be carried out with groups of ex-offenders not under statutory supervision and not eligible for work to be undertaken by mainstream funding sources.
Apex staff work in prisons, young offender institutions, in the community, in partnership with the Prison Service, the Probation Service and the Department for Employment. Most of our work is paid for under contracts individually negotiated for each project.
However, contract fees do not always cover total costs or the time spent in creating new initiatives, and some projects rely totally upon charitable funding.
Support: Helpline volunteers
We are always looking for committed volunteers, willing to give up 8 hours per month to help us provide this vital service. Our advisors receive full training before they start answering calls, and there is also an ongoing program of training and support.
We run a program of information session throughout the year, for people who are interested in this opportunity.
For further information please contact us at:

Apex Charitable Trust
St Alphage House
Wingate Annexe
2 Fore Street
Tel: 0870 608 4567
Fax:020 7638 5977

Email: jobcheck@apextrust.com
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Tel - 08706084567
Fax - 02076385977

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