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Charlie’s Challenge is a charity which raises money to finance urgently needed research into children’s brain tumours aiming to provide better treatments for brain tumour sufferers and eventually find a cure. It was established in 1993 after Charlie Boutwood, then aged 20 months, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. Having had an emergency eight hour operation which was only able to remove 3/4 of the tumour, he endured a testing year of intense chemotherapy followed by 6 weeks of radiotherapy which meant a general anaesthetic every day. Against the odds he has made a remarkable recovery and is now enjoying life to the full, which in itself is a great inspiration to help find a cure. Tragically many other young sufferers have not been so fortunate

The frequency of brain tumours has increased by an incredible 45% over the last 30 years, yet despite these shocking statistics, there are very few ongoing brain tumour research projects in the UK.

Described as 'the forgotten cancer', brain tumours account for 25% of all childhood cancers, second to leukaemia which accounts for 30%.

Whilst the considerable amount of research into leukaemia thankfully means that 70% of childhood cases are now curable, there is not nearly the same hope for the brain tumour sufferer. It is now considered that brain tumours account for the highest mortality rate in childhood cancer.

Over the years Charlie’s Challenge has benefited from many fund raising events ranging from running in the London Marathon to Go-Kart racing, sponsored bicycle rides, dinner dances, tennis tournaments, horse shows, clay pigeon shoots, sponsored walks, abseils, horse rides, raffles and auctions, sponsored ‘birdman flyers’, golf tournaments, Christmas Fayres – in fact any activity in which it is fun to raise money.

However having a fund raising charity is not only about collecting as much money as possible for its worthwhile cause. The Trustees of Charlie’s Challenge were and are still very keen to ensure that every penny raised is spent on brain tumour research and therefore it was decided that the Charity would not have any administration costs. This means that all running costs from postage stamps, stationery and telephone calls to fees and expenses are kindly paid for by local companies and individuals.

Having raised the money it is of equal importance that it is spent on the best worthwhile research projects. Charlie’s Challenge is fortunate in that it uses a Medical and Scientific Panel comprising a team of experts in brain tumours from around the United Kingdom. All applications for brain tumour research projects are examined by the panel and graded in order of importance so that Charlie’s Challenge is able to select the best research projects to fund.

Having originally contributed to various projects, in 2000, Charlie’s Challenge agreed to fund an entire three year £120,000 project with the University Department of Neurosurgery, Institute of Neurology, University College, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. The research team were involved in developing effective new therapies for the treatment of ependymonas, the third most common of the many types of brain tumours in children.

Charlie’s Challenge joined forces with sister charity, The Samantha Dickson Research Trust in 2001, to co-fund a three year research project costing £140,000. It was undertaken by Dr SC Clifford at the University of Newcastle to develop new therapies for an improved success rate in the treatment of paediatric medulloblastomas.

Charlie’s Challenge is also proud to have helped finance a £200,000 time-lapse microscopy facility at the University of Portsmouth in 2003.

In 2004, Charlie’s Challenge joined an alliance with four other brain tumour charities, which created the biggest initiative ever seen in the laboratory based brain tumour research field. Through collective fundraising, ten new research projects will be sponsored throughout the whole country at a cost of £1.5 million.

In March of 2005, the charity agreed to co-fund the purchase of a microwave peptide synthesiser for the brain tumour research unit at the University of Wolverhampton. It will investigate the use of targeted cell penetrating peptides to deliver toxins to medulloblastoma cells in vitro.
It is hoped that this pre-clinical study will lead to the development of new CPP-toxin conjugates that will be clinically effective in delaying or abolishing the need to administer craniospinal irradiation especially in younger children with medulloblastoma.

Charlie’s Challenge – Raising funds for research into children’s brain tumours
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