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When mission partners retire - many of them don't have a home to return to. They went off to serve God at an early age and probably weren't earning enough for a mortgae. Instead, they were more concerned with the needs of others, than with their own future security.
Unless they inherit property, a home for most long-term missionaries is just a dream. The mission allowance is just enough to live on and todays pension does not cover current rents. It can take many years to get to the top of a housing list and some lists have more than 3,500 names on them, of which more than 500 or more may be classified as homeless at any one time.

The Whitefield Christian Trust was formed to provide a solution to this problem - offering a way for returning missionaries to have somewhere to live.
The mission partners choose the location and we come in to help. Sometimes we buy the house in the name of the Trust and they pay a reasonable rent and can contiue to live there for the rest of their lives. If they are able to, some missionaries choose to take a share in the property and that share will remain theirs and their family's. when the mission partner dies or their circumstances altert, the property is sold and the money made available for further investment in new accommodation.

We are as flexible as possible in providing homes for those who fit our criteria and who have been engaged in long-term service. Since the Trust was established, we have helped a range of mission partners, including families, couples and single people. Most have worked overseas, but some have been involved in mission in the UK.

We invite you to join with us in the Whitefield Christian Trust, to offer to those who have worked for many years in the service of God, a home of their own when they finally retire. Let us free them from the anxiety and ensure that they can relax in a home they have chosen for as long as they need it

If you can help please contact Margaret Gould

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Crowborough, East Sussex

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