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Wilderness Foundation UK

The Wilderness Foundation has been a pioneer in using wilderness and wild lands as a positive force for social change and leadership development in the United Kingdom.

Over the past 35 years the Wilderness Foundation has helped people to acquire essential life skills through our wilderness experience programme. By using nature as a classroom, skills such as leadership and decision making, self-esteem and respect for others is developed. A greater sense of responsibility towards the environment and community is an invariable outcome and acts as a powerful antidote to the increasing materialism that has become such a large part of peoples’ lives today.

The Wilderness Foundation divides its activities into 3 categories.

In our Experiential Learning element we have:
• Special tailor made wilderness experience programmes for schools and cadet groups in South Africa and Scotland. Programmes can include 3-4 days community conservation work as well as historical battlefields in the South African programme.
• Trails are available for over 15’s in Scotland, Wales, South Africa, Kenya and Norway.
A new addition to our trails schedule is a trail on Kilimanjaro, Tanzania in August 2006.
• Conservation Volunteering options lasting from 5 days to 3 months in Scotland and South Africa are available. The volunteer programme may include planning trails and improving the reserve facilities, general conservation work as necessary, such as bush clearance, game counts, repairs, fence line monitoring.

In our Social Benefits element we have specialised projects with various partners to promote positive social change through wilderness experience programmes.
• The Northern Ireland Sustainable Peace Initiative was develop in partnership with Glencree Centre for Reconciliation. This programme brings people with strongly opposing roles in violent conflicts and deeply divided societies together in ways that will allow them to move beyond the labels of “victim”, “ex-prisoner”, “terrorist” and to safely explore their differences, without losing sight of their common humanity. They can deal with a divided past, while holding on to a shared future. Encouraging (potential) leaders to enlarge their vision beyond their own local conflict and issues. Maintaining an ongoing project that would nurture leaders in sustainable peace building, within and between the United Kingdom, Ireland and Southern Africa.
• The Youth at Risk programme is an 18 month programme to help young people who are at risk via a mentoring and wilderness experience programme to understand themselves and how to function in world around them. Both the Chelmsford Council and the charity Youth at Risk plays an important role in this programme. Our first pilot programme will start in June 2006.

We also have a Wildlands Protection & Advocacy element where we campaign for
• Wild Land Restoration - around 2 million acres of land in Britain could become available for natural habitat wild land restoration over the next 25 years.
• The inappropriate placing of windfarms - We believe there is an urgent need to tackle climate change, and well located wind factories have a limited role to play. There are however more effective and far less damaging means of tackling global warming – such as emission control, energy saving and alternative renewable sources: tidal, solar, micro-power. All these are starved of resource as funding is concentrated on onshore wind.
• The Leroghi Forest Conservation Initiative in Kenya where under 2% of indigenous forest is still remaining. The Wilderness Foundation in partnership with the Green Belt Movement will enable communities to plant over 1 million indigenous trees in the degraded forest areas over the next 5 years. We also helped to set up a bee hive programme to reduce fires and tree felling from collection of wild honey.

The Wilderness Foundation works for wilderness, wildlife and people.

The Wilderness Foundation UK Locality of Operation

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  • Overseas

The Wilderness Foundation UK Areas of Benefit

  • Animals
  • Children and Youth
  • Community Care
  • Community Relations
  • Cultural
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Family Welfare
  • International Organisations
  • Social Welfare
  • Voluntary Services

47-49 Main Road, Broomfield
Chelmsford, Essex

Tel - 01245 443073
Fax - 01245-445035

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