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Equipment, which is either medical or educational, is one of the most frequently requested areas for assistance. In some cases this can be items as diverse as a vibrating mattress costing less than £800 to an electric wheelchair costing up to £10,000. The first piece of equipment, an electronic wheelchair, was supplied to a young person named Jason, which enabled him to attend college and complete his computer studies. This has then enabled Jason to go on to help in excess of 200 other children by passing on his skills to them in his local youth groups.

Holidays and days out are a frequent request both from individuals and from groups, e.g. schools. Whilst these may not appear to be of a high priority, they have many beneficial effects not only for the child or children but also for the parents or carers. The strain in raising a child suffering from any disability is immense and the relief provided by a holiday or day trip is immeasurable and can also benefit the child’s siblings. Pupils from a class or indeed from an entire school can be taken on both educational and purely fun trips. These often include trips to a pantomime during the lead up to Christmas or trips to museums, zoos or educational parks fitting in with the school’s extra curricular activities. The costs of such trips and holidays start from around £300 up to around £1,500.
We frequently undertake to raise funds for major capital equipment such as that for Sunderland Royal Hospital for whom we provided, under the banner, ‘Scanner of Hope‘, a colour ultrasound scanner for the Neonatal and Paediatric units. At present, City Hospital’s Neonatal Unit is one of only four units in the Neonatal Northern Regional Consortium. As one of the schools of excellence for Neonates, it receives referrals from the whole North-East region. Of the 3,500 - 4,000 children born last year at the Sunderland Royal Hospital ,(formerly DGH ), approximately 400 were treated at the unit.
A current project is the “Think Twice” programme wherein lifelike computerised dolls are provided for schools to assist in the education of young people regarding teenage and under age pregnancy. These dolls are part of an overall education programme where the children take the doll home for a weekend during which time it behaves just like an infant and a computer chip enclosed records the treatment received from the young person. Reactions etc. are then discussed in class following the weekend.

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