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The ASC scheme is a flexible, organised, progressive scheme of activity for young people between the ages of 8 and 14+. It is made up of 4 Stages. ASC Group Leaders are free to adapt the scheme to meet local situations and the requirements of young people with special needs, if necessary extending the age limit.

The young people are not in competition with each other, or with other ASC groups. There are no tests to pass, the young people taking part are assessed on the measure of their experience in each activity.

ASC can be used by schools (both within the naitonal curriculum and in after-school clubs), youth clubs, religious bodies and youth organisations including the uniformed organisations. It may be used as a direct preparation for entry into the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

ASC - What do those letters mean?

They stand for activities which we hope will give the young people a lot of fun with others of their own age.

A stands for Adventure. AS an ASC leader you will be able to have the adventure of helping young people discover things, of games, making models, visiting interesting places and much more.

S stands for Service. Some people think they cannot be of help to others until they are older. This is not so. There are many people who really would be grateful for any help the young people can give them. As an ASC leader you can suggest how they can help and also encourage them to look for opportunities themselves.

C is for Challenge. The young people are challenged to gain the Certificates for the 4 Stages. Once they have successfully taken part in the eight activities foir a given Stage, they will be awarded the Certificate for that Stage. Following completion of the 4th Stage (senior Stage 2) it is hoped that they will wish to progress to the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

Adventure Service Challenge (ASC) Locality of Operation

  • National

Adventure Service Challenge (ASC) Areas of Benefit

  • Children and Youth
  • Disabled
  • Education
  • Learning Disabilities

"East Lynn", Lansdown Lane
Weston, BATH

Tel - 01225-329838
Fax - 01225-329838

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