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TB Alert was founded in 1998 in response to the fact that, despite the rising figures and the World Health Organisation’s statement that TB is a global emergency, there was no specialised TB charity working in the UK.

TB Alert is still a relatively small non-governmental organisation (NGO), staffed by volunteers and, currently, three full-time and three part-time staff across UK, India and Zambia.

Despite being small, TB Alert has become, in Britain, a main reference point for health professionals, other NGO’s, the media and government on TB issues; and we have several leading TB experts sitting on our Board of Trustees and volunteer committees.

TB Alert’s Aims are to:
•Increase awareness of TB both as a global threat and as resurgent in the UK, advocating for greater priority to be given to the disease.
•Support TB control programmes, mainly in high endemic countries, to increase access to treatment especially for the poor and for marginalised groups.
•In the UK to complement the work of the NHS, for example through providing information on TB for the public and for patients, raising awareness of TB amongst non-TB specialist staff, and providing resources and education to increase patient concordance and reduce the risk of drug-resistance.

TB Alert works with medical professionals, the government, other NGOs and members of the public to raise awareness about TB.
Awareness is a key issue as the underlying problem in the UK is late diagnosis. TB Alert produces a series of leaflets covering all aspects of TB information for patients, contacts and suspected TB cases. Each leaflet has very specific uses – to help explain, inform, reassure and remind – backing up the information provided by the TB nurse or other health care specialist, and providing something for the patient to take away and read at home.

Around the World
Supporting work in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, India and Bangladesh, TB Alert funds local projects to help fight TB.
Every country is vulnerable to the consequences of poor TB treatment practices in other countries - TB cannot be controlled in the UK until it is controlled worldwide.

In 1993, the World Health Organization declared TB a global health emergency.
• More people will die this year from TB than any other year in history.
• TB is one of the world’s top 3 killer diseases, alongside Malaria and HIV
• TB has created more orphans than any other infectious disease.
•TB is the leading infectious killer of people living with HIV.
•TB treatment has been available for over 50 years but fewer than 40% of people with TB worldwide actually have access to that cure.

Treatment Support
A treatment pack and diary are available in the UK to help TB Nurses improve patient concordance. Concordance means helping to ensure that patients are able to complete their course of medication. This is vital with TB drugs because incomplete treatment can lead to drug resistance in the patient and anyone they pass the TB on to and is much more difficult to treat and more often fatal.

In addition, TB Alert's Hardship Fund supports the work of UK TB nurses to improve patient concordance and to tackle patient hardship. We know that many TB patients are from the poorer sections of society, and some fall through the gaps in benefits and support. We want to make sure that no patient is prevented from completing their treatment through lack of money, that their health while undergoing TB treatment is not compromised because they are not receiving a nourishing meal every day, and that nurses are supported in the difficult job of supporting a high case-load of patients through the long TB treatment.

With the help of people like ex-TB patient Ian McCartney M.P, Cabinet Member and Chairman of the Labour Party, TB Alert argues for greater priority to be given to TB to ensure more people worldwide get access to the cure they deserve.

TB Alert Locality of Operation

  • National
  • Overseas

TB Alert Areas of Benefit

  • Health
  • International Organisations

22 Tiverton Road
NW10 3HL

Tel - 0845 456 0995
Fax - 020 8360 0069

Websites and Email Contact
The website of TB Alert is - http://tbalert.org

Number of Trustees
The total number at TB Alert is 5+

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There are Donate Webpage Available at TB Alert

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