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School Councils UK Profile

School Councils U.K. (SCUK) is recognised as Britain’s foremost training and support agency in the area of school and class councils. We have been working for over ten years with teachers and pupils internationally, helping schools develop effective ways of involving and listening to young people.

The citizenship curriculum provides a real opportuntiy for implementing the pupil council programme. However the benefits of introducing real pupil invovement into schools are many and varied, they include:

•Creation of a caring community in the school
•Children learn important skills for life (e.g. listening and speaking skills, problem-solving, peaceful conflict resolution)
•Children gain in self-esteem and self-confidence
•Behaviour improves, exclusions, truancy bullying and vandalism reduce


SCUK has developed gradually since 1993 from being an organisation run by three volunteers to a medium-sized charity with seven full-time highly dedicated and dynamic employees. Since 1998 the programme of activities has grown rapidly along with the staff team. This growth has been supported by government educational guidelines that have recognised the importance of active citizenship as being central to an effective and balanced education. The initial focus of the organisation has been on creating key training programmes and resources for schools. The government has assisted with the funding of the materials. With the essential building blocks of training materials now available, School Councils UK is at the exciting stage of being able to initiate larger, collaborative programmes that will enhance student participation and empowerment in the UK and beyond.

Current main areas of activity:

SCUK currently produces a wide range of well-respected, high quality resources for students, teachers, schools, LEAs (Local Education Authorities) and youth workers. We are constantly updating and adding to our resources list. We also provide in-school training for students and teachers, help LEAs to run training days and run our own training conferences.

School Councils UK offers training to both teachers and pupils who are involved in setting up or developing school councils. We also support a national network of school councils that links students and teachers nationally, enabling the sharing of expertise and good practice.

School Councils UK has trained over 150 education professionals on its Training the Trainers programme, a national training standard for school councils. Over a two-part residential programme participants learn how to deliver a two day programme for groups of primary and secondary schools as well as programmes designed for individual schools.

School Councils UK is has received support from:

* The Department for Education and Skills
o The Innovation Unit
o The Citizenship Team
o London Challenge
* The Esmee Fairbairn Trust
* Deutsche Bank
* The Dulverton Trust
* The Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales

School Councils UK Locality of Operation

  • National

School Councils UK Areas of Benefit

  • Children and Youth

108-110 Camden High Street

Tel - 0845 456 9428
Fax - 0845 456 9429

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The website of School Councils UK is -

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The total number at School Councils UK is 5+

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