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Darlington Bond Scheme Profile

Registrered charity helping people gain access to good quality privtate rented accomodation in Darlington Borough Council area.

We stand as guarantor for the sevcurity bond requested by landlords. The tenant then saves this by paying 12 equal monthly installments to their landlord.

We would only get financially involved if the tenancy ends within the agreed limit or damage is caused to the proprty or contents, which is not covered by the owbers insurance.

Our clients are from all walks of life, however they need to be claiming a state benefit, be homeless, hidden homeless or on minimum wages.

We offer a first step on the ladder to independent living and continued support throughout the first 12 months of their tenancy.

Darlington Bond Scheme Locality of Operation

  • Darlington Bond Scheme has no defined Locality of Operation

Darlington Bond Scheme Areas of Benefit

  • Darlington Bond Scheme has no defined Areas of Benefit

Grange Road Baptist Church
Grange Road

Tel - 01325 467617
Fax -

Websites and Email Contact
The website of Darlington Bond Scheme is - http://www.bondscheme.org.uk

Number of Trustees
The total number at Darlington Bond Scheme is 5

Donate Webpage Available
There are not Donate Webpage Available at Darlington Bond Scheme

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