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Changemakers Foundation Profile

We are a youth-centred charity that works via a variety of learning programmes and funding schemes in order to enhance young people's lives. The goal is to give young people the correct grounds to cultivate their creativity, offer a youth-led approach to learning and help them re-establish their voice in modern society. Latest schemes/programmes include working in partnership with the National Lottery and Big Boost, the Millenium Volunteers (especially in the northern region of Britain) and various Social Enterprise operations that enable young people to experience and evaluate real community-based enterprise activity, leading their own change.

Changemakers Foundation Locality of Operation

  • National

Changemakers Foundation Areas of Benefit

  • Children and Youth
  • Community Relations
  • Cultural
  • Education
  • Ethnic Organisations
  • Training and Employment
  • Voluntary Services


Tel -
Fax - 020 7702 1561

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The total number at Changemakers Foundation is 0

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