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Teacher Support Network (formerly TBF: the Teachers’ Benevolent Fund) Profile

We started off as the Teachers’ Benevolent Fund (TBF), part of the National Union of Teachers (NUT), in 1877 in England. We have expanded to become an independent, not-for-profit network of charities working for all teachers and lecturers, regardless of trade union or any other affiliation. We have evolved to meet the changing needs of the teaching profession.

In 2001 we became the Teacher Support Network, to reflect the ever-widening range of services we provide. The Teacher Support Network now consists of Teacher Support Cymru, Teacher Support Scotland, Teacher Support Northern Ireland, and we are also developing Teacher Support Network in the US.

In the past we considered our services to be Teacher Support Line and Grants & Loans. We have now integrated and expanded our services as per the list below and they can be accessed both through Teacher Support Line and the website.
Current services include:
• Personalised practical and emotional support via secured email coaching system - Teacher Support Online
• Confidential, solution-focused telephone counselling (not available in Scotland; and not available to retired and former teachers and lecturers)
• Up-to-date information and teaching-related news
• Factsheets and guides on a diverse range of issues including work-life balance, stress management and pupil behaviour
• Information and referrals to relevant organisations
• Money advice – including information on what statutory benefits can be claimed and how to.
• Financial assistance available to teachers and lecturers in need. Teachers – serving or retired - may apply for a grant or loan if they have less than £5,000 in savings and teach, or have taught, in England or Wales (not available to trainee teachers)

These services can be accessed by:

• visiting the website at www.teachersupport.info
• calling Teacher Support Line on 08000 562 561 in England
• calling Teacher Support Line Cymru on 08000 855 088 in Wales (bilingual)
• receiving Teacher Support Direct, our fortnightly e-newsletter

More services are in development in Scotland, Northern Ireland and US.

- We value teachers and lecturers and recognises the essential role they play in society.
- We exist in order to enhance the work experience and lives of teachers and lecturers in the UK and beyond.
- We aim to support and develop the professional effectiveness and personal fulfilment of teachers.
- We promote the crucial importance of education for all and the central role of teachers and lecturers in this.
- We do this through the development, provision and sharing of knowledge, information and services, based on innovation, creativity and sound research.

If like us your organisation share our values and aims we want to hear from you.

There are many opportunities for your organisation to get involved by:

- Raising public awareness of issues faced by teachers and lecturers.
- Providing contents relevant to teachers in the following areas: health and wellbeing; personal development; people skills; workplace issues; social and community; careers; money.
- Providing solutions with services and products that support teachers.
- Joining in research and development of new services that enhance the wellbeing of teachers.

We could have a reciprocal website link; or you could simply raise your profile by contributing with contents for our website; or write articles for our newsletters that reach over 50,000 teachers and lecturers; or you could work with us on joint projects and research.

Teacher Support Network can offer you the opportunity to reach teachers simply, quickly and for free.

If you are interested in working with us and would like more information, you can find out what we are looking for on our website.

Alternatively if you would like to discuss opportunities to work with us you can contact us by email workwithus@teachersupport.info, or by calling 020 7554 5232.

Teacher Support Network (formerly TBF: the Teachers’ Benevolent Fund) Locality of Operation

  • National
  • Locally In England
  • Locally In Wales
  • Locally In Scotland
  • Overseas

Teacher Support Network (formerly TBF: the Teachers’ Benevolent Fund) Areas of Benefit

  • Aged
  • Disabled
  • Education
  • Family Welfare
  • Health
  • Mental Health
  • Trades and Professions
  • Training and Employment
  • Voluntary Services

Hamilton House, Mabledon Place

Tel - 020 7554 5200
Fax - 020 7554 5239

Websites and Email Contact
The website of Teacher Support Network (formerly TBF: the Teachers’ Benevolent Fund) is - http://www.teachersupport.info

Number of Trustees
The total number at Teacher Support Network (formerly TBF: the Teachers’ Benevolent Fund) is 5+

Donate Webpage Available
There are Donate Webpage Available at Teacher Support Network (formerly TBF: the Teachers’ Benevolent Fund)

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