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The primary work of the Trust is with young people in the areas of Thundersley and Benfleet in Essex. A large proportion of Legacy’s work is the running of the Legacy Youth Congregation in partnership with the local Anglican church, St. George’s, New Thundersley. The congregation meets in Christian worship on Sunday evenings, and at other occasions throughout the week in order to offer support and teaching; the Youth Congregation is in regular contact with over 100 teenagers, who may or may not describe themselves as Christians. Many of the Trust’s costs are associated with this work, for example the purchase of Bibles and teaching materials, and the provision of supporting services such as a website and text messaging service that keep the teenagers in touch with upcoming events.

Several of the teenagers from the Youth Congregation run Legacy Jnr., a youth club for 10-12yr olds. This was their own idea, which the Trust has supported throughout, and Legacy Jnr. now has regular contact with over 200 children; the work of the teenagers with these children has been both inspirational and exemplary, receiving praise from both local schools and the local press. One of the highlights of the work of Legacy Jnr in 2004 was a summer camp attended by many of the children, and enjoyed by all. In 2005 the young team opened a second Legacy Jnr. club in the neighbouring parish of St. Mary’s.

The Trust has a high profile and much good publicity in the local area due to the work of both the Youth Congregation and Legacy Jnr teams. As a consequence of this, our pastor and many of the Jnr team have been invited into the local junior and secondary schools, where they run Christian assemblies and teach RS and PSD classes, as well as providing mentoring to pupils. The team also run Legacy Appleton, a Christian union recently set up in the local secondary school with the approval of the head mistress.

The Legacy Trust and its various teams have also supported various community projects over the past year. Many of the teenagers slept rough and gained sponsorship for a 24hr famine to raise money for charitable aid. A team of young people also took part in ‘Soul in the City’, an urban regeneration project in London, as well as in ‘The Noise’, a similar project in the local area, where they repainted the public conveniences and cleaned the local park of litter. Additionally, much volunteer support has been provided by the Trust to the Legacy XS project, which runs a youth centre and skatepark in Benfleet to provide a gathering place for the local youngsters.

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