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There are hundreds of children living on the streets in Goa alone for a number of different reasons. Some are orphans, others runaways that are trying to escape the horrors of both physical and sexual abuse. A large number of the children on the streets originate from other regions of India but make the long journey to Goa by train, sweeping the carriages, trying to earn money as they go. The children want to get to Goa because they believe the tourists will provide them with everything they need, but this is not true. Street children can often be found roaming the streets begging for money or sleeping under bridges and in bus stations at night. They are frequently in trouble with the locals who don't want them around because they have a bad effect on business.

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'The Mango house' H. No. 148/3, karaswad
Mapusa, Goa, India

Tel - 0091 9822 124 802
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