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Registered Charity No – 1110933

York House , 20 Shoplatch , Shrewsbury , Shropshire , SY1 1HN
Phone / Fax – 01952 676990 , email – young.minds.and.mentors@post.com





1. Young Minds and Mentors Formation

Young Minds and Mentors was formed by John James Franklyn with the scheme becoming a registered charity as of 18th August 2005.

John Franklyn is a former service man having served with the British army and European services and gained experience of working with young people in the UK and abroad.

Prior to the registration of Young Minds and Mentors as a charity, it was initially only a concept, an idea with some considerable potential.

A period of 2 months was spent visiting, finding various groups of youths in many areas and communities throughout Shropshire including Telford and Wrekin.

This has highlighted a number of requirements that are needed for the benefit of young people, the services proposed are as a direct result of the needs of the young people and in direct answer to their concerns and gaps identified in services already provided.

The main concerns identified were,

· The communication of services provided to young people and them not knowing where to find information on services provided.
· Services provided did not meet their needs.
· Not being able to travel to events because of times, distance, location and / or finances.
· Not being able to safely return home from a venue because of late times, distance, location and / or finances
· Services not being accessible during evenings, weekends and school holidays.
· Sometimes we cannot be “bovvered” to go all that way.
· It’s easier to “kick it” round here.

This service will pass on a number of benefits in the long term, benefiting young people from the ages of 9 – 19 years, benefiting the communities in which the services are provided, benefiting families and ultimately benefiting local government with regards THE EVERY CHILD MATTERS CAMPAIGN and responsibilities under the CRIME REDUCTION PARTNERSHIP and can only further assist those councils that have and are maintaining their BEACON STATUS .

The proposed service can also be used as an information service for other groups and charities that provide vital services Young Minds and Mentors do not. We aim to share information with other groups and services for the benefit of the young people and families, passing on details after getting consent to share the information which will be done at initial assessment.


Shropshire , South Shropshire , The Wrekin , Telford are the designated working areas.

The initial service will begin in Telford and Wrekin gradually reaching out strategically throughout Shropshire.


We are concentrating our efforts in 3 key areas,
1.The advancement of Education
2. The protection of health, Safety and Welfare
3. The relief of poverty

The advancement of education will be achieved by identifying those who are experiencing difficulties that have a negative impact on school attendance, school work, learning and behaviour. Activities will include a full liason service with schools, visiting at scheduled timescales and availability when needed, to cater for the individual needs of the client on a one to one basis or group assistance as required. To provide a drop in centre and access to computers, dictionaries and encyclopedias, software that is suitable for those who have special educational needs. This time will be shared with other young people of a similar age and mixed abilities to ensure the best route to advancement. To provide advocacy services, moral support, advice and motivation when times are difficult and good. To help in the transition from primary school to secondary school. Provide support to and through examinations, provide support with work experience, assist with the transition from secondary school to full time employment or further education. To liase on a regular basis with the Young People, parents / Guardians, teachers, relevant authority and other groups that could provide valuable assistance.

The protection of Health, safety and welfare will be achieved by ensuring the compliance with relevant statutory requirements. To control risks to young people and volunteers whilst conducting activities by ensuring adequate supervision and assessments of risk adopting the relevant control measures. To promote Health, Safety and Welfare through education, training and literature as they effect young people. To encourage a healthy life style by promoting healthy eating campaigns, raising the awareness as to the dangers of smoking, alcohol, drugs and unsafe sex. To raise the awareness throughout and concentrating on the higher risk element such as stranger danger. To always place the needs of the young person first as an individual or as a group by providing help line support.

The relief of poverty will be achieved by knowing each of the members. Many of the young people we work with come from large families and often from a single parent with the majority of marriages having dissolved. Some of the young people we work with have experience of substance abuse within the household, often being alcohol or drugs. Many of the young people are experiencing difficulties that are often beyond their control, some of these issues are bullying, mental illness, special educational needs, behavioural problems. Where possible and needed relief from poverty will be given by quality advice, self help support and financial assistance towards, food, clothing, rent and heating.

We aim to give young people sufficient support services that will raise self esteem, look at problems they have from alternative view points, give consideration to the effect on others through actions they may do, place young people in a position where they are able to make more informed decisions, empowering young people and ultimately having a positive impact on issues such as youth crime.

Young Minds and Mentors will provide Community Activities for the relevant age groups and MENTORING SERVICES to those who are forwarded to us as a direct referral from the Police , Social Services and / or Similar organisations.

The keys to the continued success of Young Minds and Mentors will not only be through the young people, the recruitment of quality volunteers but the raising of funds.


We aim to address issues raised by providing mobile community activities in the form of Highly Visible Converted coaches.

The coaches would be converted to a user friendly format allowing internal and external rest areas.

Activities would include a wide range of educational resources and games such as
Horrible Science Series
Horrible History Series
Various Educational Software
Specialist Software including Kurtzweil
Board Games
Various Lawn games
Arts and Crafts Materials

Two converted coaches would allow multiple communities to be visited on a regular basis and ensuring the continuation of service when one vehicle is receiving relevant scheduled servicing and repairs.

The long term objective would be to spread the service throughout Shropshire with the start being within Telford and Wrekin

As well as community based services we also intend to provide a Mentoring service to those young people who need additional guidance through life problems that can build up over time.

The Mentoring service will be provided by adult volunteers in a one on one scenario as required and as part of larger groups using youth guidance mentors, who are of similar ages from the same community.

This will be completed after the relevant assessment has been conducted and when a referral has been received by the relevant authority.


The membership database of young people will continue to grow as the profile of Young Minds and Mentors increases. The current membership is at 20 young people.

The amount of people who will directly benefit from the Mentoring services and Community activities is hard to initially calculate, but over time statistics will be collated covering a variety of issues.

The indirect benefit will be the hardest to calculate as this can be directly into the heart of a community and we will be reliant on community feedback.


Measurement and Evaluation of the projects achievements will be calculated on a group and individual basis, month on month, year by year.

Statistics will be collated at each Community per session with an impact assessment being made from statistical analysis and community feed back.

Other statistics will be collated from the membership database, consultation with the group members, consultation with parents / guardians , consultation with teachers and other official agencies.


Young People are experiencing more and more problems. With mobile phones, SMS messaging, Text messaging, Computers and the ease of access to the internet, sky and cable TV, 24 hour television means that the world and it’s associated problems are not only being brought into the living room , but are also portable.

As the world becomes more complex and naturally evolves, we must continually seek new and better ways in our efforts to help young people, only by evolving our services and being prepared to listen to and accept new ideas will we be able to do this.


We are naturally going to be reliant initially on grants and donations, we will apply for grants and raise funds through our own activities .

Setting up a community service of this nature has additional benefits in the fact that it can become self funding as well as being a mobile information service for other groups and services.

As the coaches are aimed at young people and will be fully equipped accordingly, they can also be rented out for Birthday Parties and to others groups for activities. The outside of the bus will be a large area that can be used to advertise sponsors with additional advertising space being paid for.

I would now ask for your assistance and advice in raising for funds for this charity.

A wide range of support functions. Locality of Operation

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A wide range of support functions. Areas of Benefit

  • Aged
  • Armed Services
  • Children and Youth
  • Community Relations
  • Disabled
  • Education
  • Ethnic Organisations
  • Ex-Services
  • Family Welfare
  • Health
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Mental Health
  • Training and Employment
  • Voluntary Services

York House, 20 Shoplatch

Tel - 01952 676990
Fax - 01952 676990

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