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There are primary school aged children in Nottingham who get nothing to eat between their free school lunch. Shocked? Government figures show that more than 3.5 million children in the UK are living below the poverty line. Nottingham has one of the lowest records for educational attainment and highest recorded crime level. Something has to be done to give these children a better start in life.

Through the provision of a healthy breakfast to children, research has shown it not only positively impacts on the children, but also their families and the wider community, leaving a legacy of recognition and renown for those involved.

The little boy had chicken pox and was off school. On Wednesday of that week however, he was at the Breakfast Club and then didn’t attend school. On calling the parents the school were told ‘he could not have been at the Club as he was upstairs sick’. When the parents investigated, the child had got up and unbeknown to them gone to the Breakfast club because he knew he would not get anything to eat at home and then had gone back home and got back into bed, all without the parents realising.

Breakfast Clubs provide children with a healthy breakfast, which is proven to help their concentration, attendance and social interaction thereby raising educational attainment. Whilst educating them on the benefits of a healthy diet and nutrition it also helps integrate the families with the schools and creates better communication between teachers and parents, offering parents the opportunity to go to work/training. Arriving from 8am onwards children eat whilst learning life skills including sitting at a table to eat, manners and interacting with their peers.

“The impact for pupils involved has been significant, both in terms of a calm, relaxed and sociable start to the school day, and also for the beneficial impact of a nutritious balanced meal to set them up for the morning. The emphasis on social skills has also resulted in a massive improvement in the children’s behaviour throughout the school day and their understanding of joint responsibility.”
Stephen Parry, Highbank Primary School

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