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Birmingham Lifestyles Profile

Birmingham Lifestyles is a small local charity run by disabled people for and on behalf of disabled people.
We work with adults who have either a physical and/or sensory disablility.
We listen to the needs of the individual and then find ways of supporting them to achieve their aims. This is done through one to one support from co-ordinators or volunteers, or in group activities. We also arrange monthly social events - in the majority of cases this is the only social activity some of of members are involved with. We also offer an advocacy service.

Birmingham Lifestyles Locality of Operation

  • Locally In England

Birmingham Lifestyles Areas of Benefit

  • Blind
  • Deaf
  • Disabled

PO BOx 12882
B30 1PL

Tel - 0121 624 1555
Fax - 0121 624 1555

Websites and Email Contact
The website of Birmingham Lifestyles is -

Number of Trustees
The total number at Birmingham Lifestyles is 5+

Donate Webpage Available
There are not Donate Webpage Available at Birmingham Lifestyles

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