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Buhera is a poor district in South East Zimbabwe, Murambinda Mission Hospital is the acting District Hospital.It struggles to provide high quality care in an area with high degrees of TB, HIV/AIDS, malnutrition in children malaria and diarrhoeal diseases. It has a community outreach programme for those suffering from AIDS,the terminally ill and the growing numbers of orphans. As a result of a commitment to high standards and a pioneering approach the hospital has been able to forge links with other non governmental organisations to provide a base for supplementary feeding schemes, run a Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission (PMTCT ) HIV programme, start a Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) clinic with a linked Opportunistic infections clinic and improve follow up of TB cases.

We aim to provide long-term support in partnership with those working at the hospital. We listen to those working in the hospital and respond to the needs they identify. At times they may seem unglamorous demands such as salary support for administrative staff, but having stability in such posts can make the difference between chaos and a hospital that runs smoothly and is attractive to other international donors. FMH’s role is vital as Zimbabwe government’s financial support declines in real terms.
All donations goes towards the charitable aims as the trustees pay all administrative costs themselves.Please help us.

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35 Port Hall Rd

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