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DEAFLincs Profile

Deaf Lincs offers Information, Advice, Support, Services and Equipment to any deaf person in Lincolnshire.
Services include: Sign Language Interpreters, Personal Support, Childrens Service, Deafened and Hard of Hearing Services, Equipment provision, Deaf Awareness Courses and Communication Tactics Courses.

DEAFLincs Locality of Operation

  • Locally In England

DEAFLincs Areas of Benefit

  • Deaf

Annexe A, County Council Offices
Eastgate, Sleaford, Lincolnshire
NG34 7EB

Tel - 01522 554932
Fax - 01522 554934

Websites and Email Contact
The website of DEAFLincs is -

Number of Trustees
The total number at DEAFLincs is 5+

Donate Webpage Available
There are not Donate Webpage Available at DEAFLincs

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