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The Garden Opera Company, run by Greensong Productions, is built on the principle that music theatre can speak as deeply to the uninitiated as to the experienced.

Since 1994 the company has been taking simple, flexible productions of standard repertoire to a variety of non-theatre spaces, primarily gardens.

The company aims to communicate directly and authentically to a wide-ranging audience and to promote social inclusion by concentrating on rural areas where there is little or no arts provision and inner city spaces such as school playgrounds, parks and church halls.

With leading young singers and classic works pared down to the essence, focusing on the human drama and accompanied by an acclaimed chamber orchestra, the company provides a fresh approach aimed at seasoned operagoers and newcomers alike.

Working in close partnership with their local “hosts”, who range from rural communities to private individuals, they mount performances that are also social events often with long picnic intervals, and a large amount of in-kind support from communities.

Educational activities get a new generation excited about the art-form, through workshops and participative performances for children which involve them both in the production and in some cases, also craft activities connected to themes from the operas.

The company is currently extending its work to create and develop new material based on classical, folk and contemporary musical styles, using drama rehearsal methods of research and based on their ensemble ethos.

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  • National

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  • Children and Youth
  • Cultural
  • Education
  • Performing Arts
  • Music

All Saints' Church, 100 Prince of Wales
SW11 4BD

Tel - 020 7720 4627
Fax - 020 7720 4212

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