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Business & Education London South (BELS) Profile

BELS is a consortium of Education Business Link Organisations and national partners in South London. BELS is the first stop shop and service linking schools and businesses.

BELS believes that it is the responsibility of the whole community, business and education working together, to prepare the young people of South London for Adult and working lives. These young people will contribute to the economic well being of the area and the nation throughout their lives:
~ Citizens playing a full part in society
~ Employees, entrepreneurs and taxpayers
~ Lifelong Learners

In order to achieve this vision, all young people in South London will have the support of the whole community to provide effective preparation for adult and working life, which enables them to be:
~ Equipped for work when they enter employment
~ Achievers at their highest level
~ Well informed about business, the economy, and the society in which they live

For schools and students there are opportunities for raising achievement and pupil awareness of the world work. For employers and businesses there are opportunities for professional development and promotion of company community links. Possible programs include:
~ Student Mentoring
~ Key Skills Development
~ Professional Development Placements
~ Management & Leadership Activities
~ Work Experience
~ Work-Related Activities & Visits
~ Support For Business & Industry Linked Projects
~ Schools & Business Linked Partnership Programmes

Opportunities exist for teachers to take a short placement in industry to gain an insight into how teaching of the curriculum can be linked to the world of work.

Business & Education London South (BELS) Locality of Operation

  • National
  • Locally In England

Business & Education London South (BELS) Areas of Benefit

  • Children and Youth
  • Community Relations
  • Education
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Training and Employment

3rd Floor Surrey House, Scarbrook Road

Tel - 020 8726 0700
Fax - 020 8726 0710

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The total number at Business & Education London South (BELS) is 5+

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