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BLESMA aims to give ex-Service men and women who either lost limbs, the use of their limbs, or one or both eyes as a result of service in any branch of Her Majesty’s Forces or Auxiliary Forces, a counselling and caring service and help in everyday problems. We also assist their needy dependants, in particular their Widows, and also those that suffer the trauma of the above after service. Today we have some 3,000 limbless veterans from the 2nd World War and subsequent campaigns, and still they come from conflict and keeping the peace in so many other places around the world and from accidents suffered in training. In addition we help where we can those ex-Service men and women who lose limbs later in life by facilitating funding and giving support and advice.

Whilst we do not wish to receive new Members, due to the current conflict in the Gulf and as service life takes its inevitable toll, it is unavoidable that we shall do so. It is very important therefore that we are here to assist them in their recovery and rehabilitation from their injuries.

We make grants for the relief of financial hardship and continuing assistance to Widows. We provide permanent residential and respite care, convalescence, or just a change of air as well as a break for relatives from nursing care, through our two homes in Blackpool and Crieff in Perthshire. We operate a Welfare Visiting Service to the Members and Widows and a counselling service to individuals both pre and post-amputation. We can furnish advice on pensions and allowances, make representation to Government Departments on entitlements and, where necessary, represent Members and their dependants at Pension Appeals Tribunals. Our work does not stop there as we plan and organise rehabilitation programmes for amputees and assist them in finding suitable employment. We even provide limited funding for research and development into artificial limbs and in the training of Prosthetists and Orthotists. Above all though BLESMA is about a special fellowship borne of shared experience.

The Association is supported entirely by voluntary subscription and we receive no Government grants. We are recognised nationally and internationally as a specialist charity dealing specifically with amputees and to achieve our aims and objectives, we are required to raise at least £1 million each year.

If you would like to know anything further about BLESMA and its objects and activities, then please contact the Association at the above address.

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Frankland Moore House, 185-187 High Road
Chadwell Heath, Romford, Essex

Tel - 020 8590 1124
Fax - 020 8599 2932

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