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Our vision at the Grief Encounter Project is that every bereaved child and their family in the UK get the best possible help, recognition and understanding following their loss.


• To relieve some of the emotional pain caused to children and young people by the loss of a parent or significant other.

• To lessen some of the isolation of grief for bereaved young people and their families

• To help bereaved children and their families lead more constructive, less destructive lives

• To raise understanding about issues for bereaved children and promote the value of bereavement support.

Bereavement is probably one of the hardest things to manage in life yet we teach about life but not usually about death
Children are propelled into adulthood, some without the skills to cope.

Children are usually expected to go back to school and “get on with it.”

No government statistics are kept for bereaved children, so we rely on guesstimates of 54 a day in the UK.

One third of bereaved children will experience emotional, physical and social difficulties following a bereavement both in short and long term.

Evidence shows that early intervention and long term support will avoid future problems yet
there is little/no service provision in most parts of the country, North London being a black hole.

Bereaved children, young people and their families want more information, advice and support.

Grief encounter Project Locality of Operation

  • National
  • Locally In England

Grief encounter Project Areas of Benefit

  • Children and Youth
  • Family Welfare

PO Box 49701

Tel - 02084467452
Fax - 02084467452

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The website of Grief encounter Project is -

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The total number at Grief encounter Project is 4

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