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The Acton (Middlesex) Charities exist, through the generosity of many past residents, to bring relief and assistance to those living in the ancient parish of Acton. They bring together and rationalise many of the smaller charitable bequests made to St Mary’s Church from the sixteenth century to the present day. We no longer keep money specifically for coal, the newly married or bread. We are sometimes able to be a support in areas when other agencies fail. We accomplish this in two particular ways, responding to different situations:

Relief in Need Charity
(Registered no. 211446)

Eligibility: People in need who have lived in (the former ancient parish of) Acton for the last five years.

Types of grants: One-off grants for the purchase of domestic items or other needs; payments are made directly to suppliers.

Applications: On a form available from the Clerk to the Trustees, or the Rector of St Mary's Church, Acton, by referral from clergy, doctors, health visitors or other professional people.

Educational Charity
(registered no. 312312)

Eligibility: Students, whose home residence is in (the ancient parish of) Acton; they must be over 18 years of age, and have entered a full-time course in the UK, usually of at least three years, which will lead to a recognised qualification.

Types of grants: Grants of £200 p.a. to assist with books or equipment.

Applications: On a form available from the Clerk or the Rector. Proof that the student is entered on an educational course is also required.

Acton (Middlesex) Charities Locality of Operation

  • Locally In England

Acton (Middlesex) Charities Areas of Benefit

  • Aged
  • Children and Youth
  • Disabled
  • Education
  • Family Welfare
  • Health
  • Social Welfare

St Mary's Parish Office
1 The Mount, Acton High Street, London
W3 9NW

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Fax -

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The total number at Acton (Middlesex) Charities is 5+

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