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Leeds Involvement Project Profile

Are you are a Disabled Person (this includes people with learning difficulties and mental health service users)? Or are you an Older Person, or do you Care for a Disabled Person? Do you want to voice your opinions on the services you use, and see them change for the better? We're here to unite the voices of people like you, and to make sure you're listened to. We run regular and diverse group meetings, in close contact with local health and social care service providers, to give people in Leeds the opportunity to make their opinons count.

Leeds Involvement Project Locality of Operation

  • Locally In England

Leeds Involvement Project Areas of Benefit

  • Aged
  • Blind
  • Community Care
  • Cultural
  • Deaf
  • Disabled
  • Environment
  • Ethnic Organisations
  • Health
  • Hospitals
  • Housing
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Mental Health
  • Religious Organisations
  • Training and Employment
  • Voluntary Services
  • Human Rights

Block D, Grove House, Mansion Gate Drive
Chapel Allerton, Leeds

Tel - 0113 307 3280
Fax - 0113 307 3281

Websites and Email Contact
The website of Leeds Involvement Project is - http://www.leedsinvolvement.org.uk

Number of Trustees
The total number at Leeds Involvement Project is 5+

Donate Webpage Available
There are not Donate Webpage Available at Leeds Involvement Project

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