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The Ufosa Foundation Profile

British Pilot Robert Vallier will attempt to make the first UNITY FLIGHT OF SOUTH AFRICA this October by flying a single engine aircraft to 30 communities all round the country in 30 days.

His UFOSA Foundation, now established on 3 continents - the USA, the UK and South Africa - and with the backing of UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Gavin Rajah, is seeking to reach out and aid 30 communities throughout South Africa, uniting them in a far-reaching 5-year aid and development programme in education, family wellbeing and health. The UFOSA Foundation wants to focus global attention on the plight of people all over South Africa, not just on isolated areas or causes, and seeks to raise funds from the international community along the way.

The Ufosa Foundation Locality of Operation

  • Locally In England
  • Overseas

The Ufosa Foundation Areas of Benefit

  • Aged
  • Children and Youth
  • Community Care
  • Community Relations
  • Education
  • Family Welfare
  • Health
  • Hospices
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Welfare
  • Overseas Aid
  • Social Welfare

Hastings, East Sussex
TN31 1BE

Tel - 01424 434200
Fax - 01424 460970

Websites and Email Contact
The website of The Ufosa Foundation is -

Number of Trustees
The total number at The Ufosa Foundation is 3

Donate Webpage Available
There are Donate Webpage Available at The Ufosa Foundation

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