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About Livewire Youth Music Project
Livewire Youth Music Project, formerly Saltash Boys’ Club has been operating since 1946,
it was originally set up in an old Mission Hall, to work with young men following the war,
particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds and those thought to be at risk of
offending. It is a constituted and registered Charity.
In the early 1960’s a new ‘modern’ youth centre was built, this building is our home today.
Our roots where very much within providing sporting opportunities for disadvantaged
young people – However since the mid nineties we have ensured that we are providing what
young people want and need. In 1998 we carried out a large local survey, asking young
people what they wanted from Livewire and what facilities they wanted to see in the area, it
was clear from this research that what young people wanted/needed where affordable music
facilities and opportunities.
What do we currently provide?
Livewire is currently open access 4 evenings per week from 7pm till 10pm on Monday,
Tuesday and Thursday (Seniors 13 to 20 year olds) and 6.30pm till 8.30pm on Wednesdays
(Junior Club 10 to 13 year olds). These sessions are staffed by qualified youth workers and
supported by professional musicians – during these sessions young people can access:
1. Music tuition – Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Keyboard etc.
2. Rehearsal Studio’s.
3. Band development.
4. Pre and Post Production work.
5. Recording in one of our two recording studio’s.
6. Personal support and personal development.
7. DJing/MCing.
8. Peer educating – Either in terms of music lessons or generally assisting.
9. Information and Advice on music related issues, drugs and alcohol awareness, sexual
health, relationships etc.
10. Pool and Basketball.
11. Coffee Bar, cable TV and free internet access.
Livewire also offers Band Development, Rehearsal and Recording Sessions on Saturdays
from 10am till 5pm.
Week daytimes, Livewire also works with young people excluded from school or those in
Social Services care using music as a means to address their different issues and as a means
of keeping them out of trouble.
Who do we currently work with?
We have since the 1940’s always sort to work primarily yet not exclusively with young
people from disadvantaged backgrounds. We also work successfully with young people
with learning needs and disabilities.
We currently work with 80+ young people each session,
What values underpin our work?
1. That concept that music provides common ground for most young people, whether they
enjoy listening to music, playing music in all its wide and diverse forms, music
provides a diversion from everyday life and problems, it can create links between
different cultures.
2. The desire to create opportunities for all young people to access high quality music
3. The desire to empower young people through music – Young people are empowered by
ALL activities we run.
4. The desire to ensure that Livewire is a truly youth led project.
5. Through encouraged and supported Participation, all young people are encouraged to
participate in all aspects of the project – from planning the programmes, fundraising,
assisting in the appointment of staff.
6. All activities are underpinned by our desire to see young peoples creative potential
realised in a safe and supportive environment.
As you will see, Livewire isn’t just a music for music’s sake project, we clearly seek to
use music as a means of addressing social issues and promote positive social
Livewire’s Current Music facilities
We currently employ the following staff:
5 sessional musicians.
1 recording engineer/producer.
1 DJ/Remixer.
In addition to these workers, we employ a number of volunteer musicians and youth
workers and regularly support work experience and student placements relating to youth
work and music.
The actual building consists of:
2 x DJ booths/studio’s fully equipped with professional turntables and mixers.
2 x Rehearsal/song writing studio.
1 x Live studio, rehearsal studio.
1 x main recording studio – Control room, drum/vocal booth and main live room.
Where possible the emphasis has been on providing high quality, professional industry
standard equipment, the rationale being that the provision of quality professional equipment
will promote quality and professionalism within the young people.
We are consistently updating our studio equipment list in order to provide the highest
quality provision.
What do young people gain?
Apart from the obvious music related skills and social skills listed earlier, young people will
The ability to express themselves through music.
The ability to work with others.
The freedom to be creative and express themselves.
Self esteem.
A sense of achievement.
Music often provides an outlet for young people to either develop or discover creativity, to
express their feelings about tough issues, our provision is designed to assist these processes
and assist them in reaching their full potential.
In addition to all the listed details, what we provide is that listening ear, that positive adult
role model and somewhere safe and warm to hang out and meet with friends or develop
new friendships.

Livewire Youth Music Project Locality of Operation

  • Locally In England

Livewire Youth Music Project Areas of Benefit

  • Children and Youth
  • Social Welfare
  • Training and Employment
  • Voluntary Services

Brooke Close
The Waterside, SALTASH, Cornwall
PL12 4DG

Tel - 01752 843570
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