Frequently Asked Questions

Is this website really free?

Yes - There are no strings and no catches. We may introduce some extra services that we will charge for but basic advertising will always be free.

I have activated my account but when i log in - it says it is not activated

This is due to your browser settings. Try enabling Cookies (On IE you should find this under TOOLS, INTERNET OPTIONS and the PRIVACY TAB). Alternatively try setting your browser security settings lower.

I have forgotten my password - what do i do?

When logging in leave the password field blank and you will receive an email with your password in a couple of minutes.

I am sure my password is correct but i still cannot log in?

One of the most common reasons for this is because you have changed your email address. Remember that if you change your email address - your login ID will change so you must use the NEW address not the old one. Your password will still be the same (unless you changed that too).

Why have i not received an email with my activation key?

This is probably because you have typed in the wrong email address. As soon as you register we send you an email with your activation key and you should receive it almost immediately. If you do not receive it, it is almost certainly because the email address you entered is incorrect.

My email is wrong - what should i do?

You have two choices. Either log back in and edit your profile in which case you can change the email address to the correct one. Alternatively you can simply register again with your correct email address.

My email is definitely correct - what should i do?

Firstly try logging out and then back in. When you log back in, if your account is not activated we automatically send you another email with your activation key. If you still do not receive an email - check your email address again. Are you absolutely sure it is correct?? If you are sure your email address is correct but you do not receive an email, Contact Us and we will sort it out for you.